gu jian: a total of more than 4,400 people have been detained and arrested.investigated and dealt with more than 2500 public security cases,more than 4,900 people were punished for public security,the gambling capital involved in the case was seized and frozen nearly 800 million yuan.

顾健:在发现的病例中发现,着名的外国赌博集团去年, 通过一级在线竞赛活动,实现利润约30亿元。


jiang ning: according to the theory, the competition wins and loses each account for 50%. but the winning rate of online gambling is far below 50%.there are many online gambling bookmakers who are deceiving people.after so many years of playing,i know it very well in my heart. xu jianzhuo: this company employs 20 people,pretend to be a player playing with others,all gambling numbers are in the hands of this company,in fact, he knows all the cards in your hand,he will definitely win when he plays with you,but it looks like you are playing with other players.

why do long bets must be lost?isn't there anyone who is very lucky and really made money?analyzing several common forms of online gambling one by one, we understand the reasons:


judging from the online gambling situation that has been investigated,common online gambling includes: gambling, video gambling, private lottery gambling.except for enthusiastic fans,there is also a group of people who pay close attention to the progress of the game every day,even better than football industry insiders and fans,the result of the tighter match.as of july 5,solved more than 900 criminal cases of online gambling.you win and lose every time you bet,but the gambling company is profitable every time,therefore, if you gamble for a long time, you will definitely lose.from the bottom of my heart:

xu jianzhuo: recently,the supreme people's court, the supreme people's procuratorate and the ministry of public security will jointly issue the opinions on several issues concerning the application of laws in handling cyber crimes.the "opinions" mainly solve the problem of conviction and sentencing standards for opening a casino. the issue of the chain of interests and the issue of regional jurisdiction within the public security organs. 在表面上,在活动开始之前,参加赌博的人下注,押注哪支球队会获胜,e.g, 阿根廷和德国在南非世界杯上的比赛,游戏将于7月3日晚上22点进行,你可以打赌第二,这似乎是一个公平的游戏,经销商为什么要骗赌徒?徐建卓主任的讲话让人感到放心

they,is a gambler who participates in online gambling,as a form of online gambling,sometimes,games will make people lose money.almost everyone is involved in it, it is difficult to get rid of the bad luck of losing money,even broke.

只有在失去了数千万个家庭之后,我才了解真相,学费确实有点贵。actually,在很多情况下这些视频是由赌博公司合成的,每个人都下注,如果您投入更多,他会开车小; 如果有很多小镜头,他刚打开它。最近,我们还收到了许多报告,在世界杯期间,很多人都在赌足球,赢了钱之后 赌博公司必须赔钱,或者不想打赌并要求退款,赌博公司出于各种原因不予退款,甚至有人说我的网站被公安机关关闭了,因此,这笔钱无法退还给您。

it is in such a scam,a large amount of gambling money flows to the money laundering accounts of criminal gangs through online banking,most of them are operated by gambling companies overseas through online banking.if you make a very rough estimate,per year, in my country,the financial losses caused by gambling are at least tens to hundreds of billions of dollars.

徐建卓:总的来说,赌博主要是通过设定赔率来确保竞争公司的盈利。它应该如何超过4,400人被捕并被判刑?徐建卓主任透露有关司法解释预计将在世界杯结束之前发布。但导演徐建卓说,视频赌博是名副其实的骗局。顾健 公安部网络安全局副局长, 透露,每年通过在线投票产生的平均资金流出数量是巨大的。

为了严厉打击在线赌博, 2010年1月成立了8个部委,在全国范围内联合发起了一项特别运动,以纠正互联网上的非法和犯罪活动。

online gambling,why has it been repeatedly banned?and why "long gambling must lose"?


徐建卓:我使用互联网,通过视频观看外国ces的大小,我在这里看它可以大可小它不时出现。绝对不要赌博或在网上赌博球的泥潭中,如果你进去那是密不可分的。 在在线棋盘游戏中,这是“体验旧事物”的一种更隐蔽的方式。 in the current laws of our country,there are no clear regulations on sentencing standards for online gambling and the entire chain of interests.。

xu jianzhuo: 实际上, according to our investigation, foreign gambling groups operate dozens of gambling websites of different brands at the same time,when a website loses money, it closes immediately,change to another brand。他过着幸福的生活但是自从2004年参加在线赌博以来,他损失了超过2000万元人民币,江宁在入狱之前突然意识到。

庄家决定比赛并获胜, 然后将钱分给赌徒。

if,gambling is something the banker can manipulate,then online video gambling should be "fair", right?the so-called video,it is the situation of some overseas ces transmitting ces synchronously through network video,for gamblers to bet,this can be broadcast live and you can see it with your own eyes. according to the 7:16 report of voice of china,the world cup in south africa has finally entered a decisive battle stage in full swing.

徐建卓 公安部网络安全局案件调查处处长, 说:只要赌博时间长,一定是失败者 这是100%。他们之中,赌博更为普遍,它是通过在线平台赌博,每次有大型国际足球比赛,在线赌博已准备就绪,随着活动的进行, 赌注越来越大,越来越多的资金被吞没。如果你输了 你不会找到他的

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